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We feature an all day seasonal menu featuring creative brilliant breakfasts & delicious lunches, plus Vittoria coffee, house-baked pastries & genuine friendly service.



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Love our coffee?

We proudly use whole roasted whole roasted Vittoria Coffee Beans at harvest espresso. 

Available in 3 different sizes: 1kg for $40.0 / 500g for $20.0 / 250g for $10.0 

Vittoria Coffee is a family-owned Australian coffee roaster established in 1947.


Prana Chai Masala Blend 1kg

Prana Chai Masala Blend 1kg

Chai Latte Pot

Chai Latte Pot

Real Chai Masala

Prana Chai Masala is hand blended with natural whole spices, tea and honey. 

No powders, no syrups, no additives and no sugars.

Available in 1kg for $50.00

Prana Chai is hand crafted in Melbourne, Victoria. 


Red Esoresso Rooibos Tea 1kg

Red Esoresso Rooibos Tea 1kg

Red Latte

Red Latte

Naturally caffeine-free

Red Espresso is a healthy and unique product made from natural Rooibos tea.

Extracted like a fresh espresso in our cafe coffee machine, the versatile Red Espresso is used in both hot drinks (similar to coffee-style beverages) and refreshing cold drinks (such as juices, coconut water, smoothies and blends)

Available in 1kg for $45.00 / 250g for $12.50

Red Espresso is sourced from South Africa.


Pre-Paid Cofee Cards

Pre-Paid Cofee Cards


Pre-paid Coffee Cards

Save time and save money!

Pre-purchase 18 cups of your favourite regular drink to receive 2 extra free drinks.

Our Pre-paid Coffee Cards can be used for coffee, hot chocolate, chai, tea, Red Espresso, and Matcha (green tea).

We can even store your Coffee Card in our cafe for safekeeping, so you will never forget it again.


Give the gift of coffee

Know someone who is a regular Harvest Espresso drinker?

Simply purchase a Pre-Paid Coffee Card for that special someone & let them know their next coffee is on you! 

Harvest Espresso Gift Voucher

Harvest Espresso Gift Voucher

Say thanks with Harvest

Everyone appreciates good food.

A Harvest Espresso Gift Voucher is a simple and thoughtful present to say Thank You, Congratulations, Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday any time of the year.

Available in any amount and valid for 12 months from purchase.